Thousands of people fall in love with the Elrond project!

Any person always aspires to self-development. This innate quality helps him not to stop there and all the time to go forward, achieving new positive results. In this process of finding new solutions, there are discoveries that can change the lives of millions of people. Such a discovery was the blockchain.

Creating a new project based on blockchain technology is a very difficult task. The thought of this came to Beniamin Mincu at a time when Ethereum reigned in the cryptocurrency market. But even then it became clear to him that he needed to create another blockchain, more flexible and versatile, able to easily interact with any other blockchains, and most importantly more scalable. This became a super-task for Beniamin and he systematically began to implement it. To do this, it was necessary to unite real enthusiasts, experienced specialists in this field, who are able to work 24/7 on the development of a qualitatively new project.

Later, after the first tests, Beniamin emphasized that their task is not to temporarily improve the scaling functions, but to make a real qualitative breakthrough in this area. That is, the team Elrond from the very beginning was set up for distant prospects and did not look for quick solutions. This is a very important factor, since 90 percent of ICO were created at that time for the sake of getting a quick profit. Their actions were guided solely by greed and nothing more. Against this background, the Elrond team and its inspirer deserve great respect and the most flattering words. All of them are cool guys and each of them has extraordinary abilities in their field. The actions of these guys convinced me and many thousands of ordinary people to become investors in the project.

The close-knit and friendly team of developers of the Elrond project, their openness, had a huge impact on the creation of a friendly community of followers of Elrond. This is, in my opinion, the main distinguishing feature of this community-cohesion and friendship, openness to the world, trusting relationships among themselves and benevolence to all members of the community. Personally, I, in other communities, have not observed such a trusting relationship between the developers of the project and its fans. On any question to administration Elrond I always routinely received adequate and rapid answers. At the same time, I felt that I was treated with respect and valued my opinion. This attitude is always welcomed by people and it is not surprising that every day the Elrond community is gaining more and more popularity and replenished with new members. Every day Elrond specialists improve the functionality of the platform, make it more flexible and versatile. This is evidenced by the conclusion of numerous partnership agreements with various projects on the blockchain. The popularity of Elrond extends to all continents. Fans of the project are trying to convey information about the project to as many people as possible by various methods. Some of them produce t-shirts with the logo “Elrond”, many distribute videos on YouTube and talk about the benefits of the project Elrond. Personally, I write articles about the project and try to pay attention to all the positive qualities that I observe.

In the chat rooms every day there are discussions about various innovations of the Elrond platform and its prospects for the future. Small technical issues related to KYC registration, token trading on the exchange or functioning of the node in the test mode are constantly solved. All this happens online and does not stop for a minute. The Elrond community is a living organism in constant need of new food. Everyone can see it if they visit one of the chats in the Telegram channel.

When the opening of trading ERD on the Binance exchange, the popularity of Elrond has grown significantly and the number of followers of the project has increased. Many people have purchased ERD tokens in the long term and do not intend to sell them in the near future. This factor suggests that people believe in the project, in its prospects and hope for its successful development. I also try to replenish my e-wallet with ERD tokens, since I am also an investor for a long time and I recommend doing the same to all my friends. I am a humanities by profession and have little understanding of the technical details of the project, but I do know that the developers of the Elrond project can be trusted. I was convinced of their professionalism when I watched the live broadcast of the test. On this broadcast I had the opportunity to visually get acquainted with all members of the development team, listen to their arguments and make sure of their coordinated and professional actions. And most importantly, I saw the eyes of each of them, which radiated enthusiasm and confidence in success. After this broadcast, I became a fan of the Elrond project.
Thousands of people fall in love with Elrond project every day. Some time will pass, and all will remember these days only with gratitude. It is quite possible that the fate of the future development of human civilization for decades to come is being decided right now.

The main goal of Elrond developers is to make the platform universal and accessible to the maximum number of users. Very soon, all people will feel the benefits of blockchain technology, you just need to wait a little bit and wait for the moment when most of the World’s population will Mature in order to realize the huge advantages of this revolutionary technology. I believe in Elrond! Do not disappoint us please!

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