The best anonymous browser releases tokens TOR

Anyone who has ever been interested in online privacy knows about the existence of the TOR browser. It is based on the well-known browser Mozilla Firefox, with which you can go unnoticed while surfing the network. As long as you travel on the network, you will not leave your traces on which to calculate your location. Your IP address will always be unknown to unauthorized persons. TOR browser can work with removable media and does not require additional software to install. Your anonymity is ensured by routing traffic over a distributed network. This network is created by volunteers whose servers can be located anywhere in the world. Thus, while traveling on the network, you will always be invisible
And now the TOR team is going to release its tokens and arranges Airdrop, in which everyone can participate. Anyone who wants to participate will earn 200 tokens for signing up and another 200 for each referral.
If you consider that the anonymity of the Internet is becoming a very topical theme, the tokens TOR will definitely be in demand and will continue to rise in price. Don’t miss your chance.

TOR Team


Please register at the link:

and get your 200 TOR tokens

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