Presentation of the Elrond Network platform

Elrond is a new generation of high-performance public blockchain that is capable of providing security, efficiency and scalability for widespread use in the life of most people. Elrond has technology that is already capable of processing more than 10,000 transactions per second. Many projects are aimed at this task, but Elrond stands out among them with advantages, which will be discussed later.

SPoS (Secure Proof of Stake) is a proprietary development of the Elrond team. This system has a sufficient level of security to solve all the necessary tasks. Safety is achieved through several criteria, namely:
1) a random selection of nodes for the consensus group;
2) validator selection rating;
3) work with the BFT protocol to achieve consensus;
4) the presence of Adaptive State Sharding;

These criteria allow you to have a fast and secure block generation mechanism that meets all the requirements both in terms of transaction speed and their scaling.
When nodes perform their role of proposing and checking blocks, they get rewarded. Any actions contrary to the interests of the network are punished. The dynamism of the distribution of nodes by segments and the automatic reconfiguration of the blockchain to the current state is a feature that distinguishes the Elrond project from its competitors.

To prevent the Sybil attack, there is a rate of 5 billion ERD tokens, which has already been completed by 75 percent and the amount collected has reached 3.7 billion ERD tokens. Now you can see the best price for one ERD token. Further, the price will only grow, as the popularity of the Elrond network increases every day and the project developers are constantly entering into new mutually beneficial partnerships.
The recent agreement with Samsung will soon bring global fame to the Elrond project. The Battle for Elrond game will be integrated into Samsung, and the ERD token will be stored on e-wallets integrated into Samsung smartphones. This fact proves that the developers of Elrond are determined to continue to win the cryptocurrency market and eventually take their rightful place in the top.

There are more than 4 billion people on the Internet, and all of them will use blockchain in the near future, although many of them do not even know that this will be the case. The main goal of Elrond is to become the main blockchain for active Internet users who already use blockchain technology. There are about 50 million such people, and this is quite a large number.
If you have not yet had time to get into the subject, then you need to try to jump into the last car of the outgoing train, otherwise you will completely lag behind the rapidly developing market. Each of us can contribute to the future of high technology that is knocking on the door. Perhaps you have a question for me: “why should we do what you advise? and I will answer briefly: “because this is a profitable investment of your funds! Elrond is your future well-being and the prosperity of your families. This is your chance!”

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