Feel the real magic of Elrond!

The emergence of blockchain technology has become a real event in the lives of millions of people who care about the fate of the future of all mankind. People clearly have a need to change something, because the current system has ceased to satisfy the advanced population of the planet. All financial laws are outdated and need to be reorganized. But the conservative thinking of the majority of power structures at this point does not allow these changes to happen so quickly. They preach the old policy and slow down the development of cryptocurrency infrastructure. Not all of them understand the true importance of this discovery. It will take some time before the transformation of consciousness takes place and they surrender their positions. A similar situation was with the Internet, and at the moment it is difficult to imagine life without it. I’m even afraid to imagine what would happen if you suddenly turn off the Internet immediately to all users on the planet. The most real scenario is a grandiose revolt of all mankind, the world revolution. The Internet is a gin that can’t be put back in the bottle. People are accustomed to freedom of expression, to global mobility of communication and it is difficult now to find a corner of the Earth where the mobile Internet cannot reach.

Projects that are created on the basis of blockchain technology can radically change the attitude to the existing financial system around the world. Let us together with you reflect on the prospects of the Elrond project, which was originally conceived not for the sake of huge profits, but primarily for the successful work for the benefit of the whole society. For creative guys, who a year and a half ago did not know how the Elrond platform would develop, the main criterion for success at that time was a network based on blockchain, working without failures and with high speed. Young developers step by step tried to perform the tasks and, as it turned out to date, it has yielded results. Since all this was invented, there have been tremendous changes. Users who have watched the latest test trials know what I mean. With the load of the network, which was demonstrated in the tests, the number of transactions was very solid, but the most important point is that it is not the final results, the speed will be even higher. The development continues and Beniamin hinted that the developers have some surprises for us, which is too early to talk about. But in his tone it was clear that he was hiding something very important and large-scale. The word “large-scale” is well suited in this case to the actions of the Elrond team, as scaling is the main thing that their efforts are aimed at. With Elrond continue to fight some more competing projects, but I think they are already behind. In any case, what I saw on may 28 made me very happy. If you are a crypto-enthusiast and really cheer for the success of the Elrond platform, then you need to watch this video. In it you will get acquainted with all members of the team and may find answers to many questions. Personally, I fell in love with these guys after watching this movie. I wish them not to concede the leading places in this race and to prove to the whole world and first of all to themselves the real magic of Elrond.

Elrond Announcements: https://t.me/ElrondNetworkAnn
Elrond Website: https://elrond.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetwork
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ElrondNetwork
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/elrondnetwork/
Medium: https://medium.com/elrondnetwork
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4430681.0
White paper: https://elrond.network/files/Elrond_Whitepaper_EN.pdf

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