Elrond Network — in anticipation of the launch MainNet

There comes a long-awaited moment when there is not much time left before the Mainnet launch. All the people who cared about the fate of the Elrond project were looking forward to this event and did everything possible to make it happen on time. To this end, thorough and active work was carried out to popularize the Elrond platform among Internet users, and this work has yielded amazing results. Today, the army of followers of the Elrond Network has hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This figure is constantly increasing, because people see real convenience and great prospects for blockchain. The launch of the Genesis block is the birth of another, new network, with the proud name Elrond, which in the future may become a global network, no less important than the Internet today. Now it is difficult to realize this, since most people on the planet do not even know about the existence of blockchain technology. But when creating the Internet, the majority of the world’s population also did not assume that the Internet would enter all areas of our lives. Try to find a person who will say that the Internet is a bad phenomenon. If you try very hard, you can find a few people, but most likely these people will be inadequate schizophrenics.

Now a similar situation is happening with blockchain, and the most progressive part of people who constantly follow new discoveries understand the importance of this technology for the whole world. Without exaggeration, we live in a very interesting time, at the intersection of global changes in human daily life. These changes will be directly related to the blockchain, as in a few years the world will be covered by universal digitalization, which will be based on this wonderful technology. After the launch of MainNet, I expect a surge in the popularity of the Elrond platform. It will be necessary not to relax after the launch, but to prove the performance and reliability of the network with concrete actions. Developers need to implement as many mobile apps based on the Elrond platform as possible. I’m looking forward to accumulating the necessary amount to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone so that I can play the Battle of Elrond game and earn real ERD tokens. I also expect the ERD token to be integrated into the top 20 mobile wallets. I am sure that this will happen very soon. The beginning has already been made, and the ERD token feels comfortable in the built-in wallet of the latest Samsung smartphone models. The Korean giant did not just pay attention to the Elrond platform, because there are very far-sighted people working there. They will never do anything rash.

The results of Battle of Nodes showed good performance of the Elrond ecosystem. At the same time, minor errors were fixed, so there should be no difficulties when starting MainNet.

What was so exciting about the Elrond project for a large number of progressive-minded people? The success of a project always consists of many factors, but the main ones are: 1) the idea and 2) selection of specialists to implement this idea. The Elrond development team proposed a completely different blockchain mechanism, which allowed for much more efficient distribution of load across the network, and the speed of transactions has increased many times.

The Elrond team, led by Beniamin Mincu, has moved far ahead in the development of this technology and in 2 years of tireless work has surpassed its competitors. At the time of the launch of MainNet, which will take place very soon, amazing results have been achieved. In this article, I would not like to dwell on these high results, since it is mainly about the significance of the upcoming launch of MainNet for people who believe in the prospects of Elrond.

The Elrond development team solved the main problem that worried all fans of blockchain technology-the scalability of the network. In parallel, another equally important task was solved — ensuring network security while maintaining the necessary decentralization. (You can see the technical details of these processes in the links below.) As a result, we got a balanced product that has all the necessary qualities of a decentralized future for all mankind. No, don’t be surprised, I am quite serious about saying that in 10–15 years borders will only exist conditionally, since the global digital economy will allow them to be ignored. Everyone will be able to express their intentions using an electronic voting system. Each of us will have digital citizenship, conditioned not only by rights, but also by certain responsibilities. Smart cities will be enmeshed in a network of blockchains and the Internet of things will become commonplace. In such cities, the economy will be based on the maximum optimization of human-robot relationships, because any digital transaction or purchase will be transparent, and therefore safe and fair. In this case, all monetary transactions will be made instantly and without paper checks or receipts. All information will be saved forever, and it will be impossible to rewrite or fake the transaction history.

In such conditions of existence, corruption will become impossible. The banking system will have to completely switch to other methods of financial management, but gradually it will self-destruct as unnecessary. After all, every person will have the opportunity to make any money transaction instantly and anywhere in the world. The closure of banks will lead to the fact that people will become more open and the world will have more trust in each other. On this basis, global changes will occur in world politics. The government will not be able to falsify the results of elections, which means that people will be sure that the candidate elected by a majority of votes became President or Prime Minister in the most fair way. The number of people participating in the elections will increase many times, because it will not need to visit special polling stations or points. It will be enough for each person to get a smartphone out of their pocket and put a check mark in front of a specific candidate. The electoral system will become much fairer, and States will be governed by more adequate people who can really be trusted. There will be much fewer reasons to clarify relations at the state level, which means that there will be fewer military conflicts. Blockchain based on the Elrond platform will significantly accelerate any transformation in all areas of human activity.
As you can see, blockchain is a global revolution that can radically change our civilization, make it much better and fairer. So I am a loyal follower of the Elrond platform and I urge all doubters to listen to these words. The launch of MainNet on the Elrond platform will be the first brick laid in the Foundation of a new happy life.



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