Elrond decided to combine security, scalability, decentralization and high speed.

Today we will once again talk about the Elrond project, which decided to combine security, scalability, decentralization and high speed. To solve this problem, the project will use a blockchain with an improved version of PoS (Proof-of-stake) and adaptive sharding. Let’s remember what sharding is.
Sharding is a scaling method based on traditional concepts of database activation. Sharding is also known as horizontal splitting. It divides the data into several parts, placed in different environments, for processing. That is, the entire array of information is divided into pieces and distributed to different servers.
The main competitors of Elrond in the field of solving problems with scaling are such platforms as EOS, Ziliqua, Quarkchain and Pechain. Unlike the Ziliqua project, which is also trying to launch its network and develop it from scratch, Elrond relies on the already existing Ethereum Virtual Mashins technology and tries to use the previously ready-made developments.
Also, Elrond developers can not be accused of greed. Against the background of their closest competitors, they look very modest and therefore advantageous. Let me remind you that Ethereum has a capitalization of 17.6 billion dollars, EOS — 5 billion, Ziliqua — 184 million, Quarkchain — 49 million. Elrond wants to collect only 4.8 million dollars for 40 percent of the tokens. This amount they want to use for development and development within two years, according to the schedule in the Roadmap.

If you are bored to read about numbers, technologies and you just want to earn some tokens, then the developers offer Social mining for such people. This is a special community program that will allow you to show your activity and take part in various creative competitions. In it you will be able to show the creative qualities of creating memes, gifs, writing posts and articles, as well as creating video content related to the project Elrond.
Developers continue to regularly update Github and are actively moving forward. Recent tests have proven to all skeptics that the project is moving in the right direction. Read the White paper and don’t forget to join the many followers of the promising Elrond platform.

Elrond Announcements: https://t.me/ElrondNetworkAnn
Elrond Website: https://elrond.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetwork
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ElrondNetwork
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/elrondnetwork/
Medium: https://medium.com/elrondnetwork
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4430681.0
White paper: https://elrond.network/files/Elrond_Whitepaper_EN.pdf

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