Dao Maker features and attractiveness for retail investors.

In this article, I want to talk about the company DAO Maker, which specializes in providing support for new crypto projects. Thanks to the professionalism of the developers of this platform, new crypto projects become much more popular and, accordingly, are more expensive to evaluate on the market after the listing of tokens on exchanges. DAO Maker is a company that has taken on the role of social mining, but do not confuse this concept with bounty, as these are conceptually different approaches. The developers of DAO Maker significantly expand the audience of any startup, both quantitatively and qualitatively, due to successful marketing and active promotion in social networks. It is not uncommon for the DAO Maker platform to continue supporting projects after listing tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange.

A little background… Users who are not the first year in the crypt know that the most profitable solution for any new project is to buy tokens on the presale and flip them immediately after the listing. Almost always it works in a plus and flippers in most cases get their profit. If you don’t want to do a deep analysis of the project, then it is more profitable to do so for quick earnings. This is the strategy of the flippers, to merge the resulting allocation after receiving the first profit. No one likes flippers for these actions, which often bring down the price of the token immediately after it enters the market. And what about those small investors who could not enter the project at an early stage and who do not have a large amount of funds? This is where DAO Maker comes to the rescue. The platform developers have created a special Strong Holding Ofering (SHO) algorithm, that is, their own allocation system for real true holders. What is the essence of this system?

All projects with which the DAO Maker platform enters into a contract have allocations for a certain number of tokens (the number is negotiated individually) and distribute them according to their own SHO algorithm. For example, only holders who have tokens of the previous project in their wallet, which has already entered the cryptocurrency market, can receive an allocation to a new project. Also, when allocating allocation, the advantage will be given to those users who actively participate in the life of the project and its promotion in the media space, i.e. active social miners. In fact, the SHO algorithm is more a story about creating a cohesive and reliable community for new projects, a kind of counterweight for flippers who thoughtlessly get rid of new tokens at the first opportunity. For an example of successful use of the SHO algorithm, you can demonstrate the Open Predict project, which at the peak of the price showed x120 profit. In order to get an allocation to OPT tokens, you had to hold the tokens of the previous project on the DAO Maker platform, as well as participate in social mining and be useful to the entire community. It should be understood that it is not necessary to hold a large number of tokens for this purpose. But there is a set minimum that allows you to have an advantage for future allocations.

The SHO system is usually split into several rounds. In the first, strategic round, the allocation is given to the early project supporters, strategic partners, and people who bring the maximum benefit to the project. Naturally, the price for allocation at this stage is the most favorable. The second round is an allocation for the holders who hold the tokens of the previous project. And the third round is the Whitelist lottery, for which you need to fill out the KYC, specify your wallet and wait for a successful lottery outcome, if you are lucky. According to this principle, the allocations of most new projects that enter into a contract with the DAO Maker platform are distributed. And if you are a retail investor and do not have a lot of funds to invest, then DAO Maker is the project for you. But keep in mind that it will not be enough just to invest some of the money in the next project and hold the tokens. You need to prove yourself as a person interested in promoting the project and take part in its promotion in the media space. This is the feature of the DAO Maker platform and it is for this quality that DAO Maker is highly appreciated in the crypto industry market.

You can make posts, tweets, share and comment, create memes, take part in various creative contests. If you have computer design skills, you can make logos and all sorts of infographics. If you are good at presenting written material, then these can be articles and analytical reviews. But the main thing is to take the initiative and be useful to the community in promoting the next project.

I hope that I was able to convey the main idea and explain the benefits of the SHO system on the DAO Maker platform. Join DAO Maker, active users and crypto popularizers will always be welcome here.


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