As the smoke from the battlefield starts to clear… (Elrond Network)

Yes, time is moving inexorably, and we are on the threshold of 2020. If you look back, you can see that in 2019 there were a lot of interesting things in the field of blockchain technologies and in particular the Elrond project. I remember the time when the first information about the project appeared on the Internet. Some experts had high hopes for this project and said that it will be a serious competition to other blockchains. But there were also skeptics who did not believe in the success of this platform. I became interested and started researching the White paper, looking for feedback that could give a complete picture of the project’s prospects. I wanted Elrond to become a favorite among blockchain projects. As the past time shows, I was not mistaken and today everyone sees that the project is actively gaining momentum. A major test is looming, namely the launch of MainNet. And I’m sure everything will be fine.
During this year, I participated in all stages of public awards, which were arranged by the developers. There were 15 articles written about the project, I played Crypto Bubbles, made numerous tweets and retweets on Twitter and Reddit, created gifs (for this I had to master the Adobe After Effects program).

I watched all the live broadcasts, in which Beniamin Minku and his staff talked about technical innovations and explained the capabilities of the platform. A lot of things I certainly did not understand, but there were moments that became much clearer after watching the video. I actively promoted The Elrond platform among my work colleagues. Most of them looked at me with disbelief and thought I was trying to deceive them. But two of my colleagues are clearly interested in the Elrond project and decided to buy ERD tokens.
The only thing I couldn’t cope with, is the battle of the nodes. I tried to configure the node, but I failed. I know the reason. I work as a chef in a restaurant and am very far from the technical side of the question regarding software. If someone needs to be surprised by delicious food then welcome to my restaurant but when it comes to setting up the equipment it was an impossible task for me. Another reason is the Windows operating system. Many have experienced problems for this reason. But in this case, I can not speak with certainty, as poorly versed in this. But despite this omission, I actively followed the BoN tests and was pleased with the other participants as they made great progress on it. I also emailed two ideas that I thought could improve the Elrond community, but they unfortunately didn’t turn out to be among the winners. In fact, these are all little things that may not be worth talking about. The main thing is that the project fully met my expectations and the community of Elrond became a friendly family for me. I can safely say that the treatment of ordinary people in the Elrond community is amazing and admirable. Administrators have always treated all participants with equal respect, and that’s cool. Such attitude to people in our days meets rarely. I can say this because in 2017 I had to participate in some bounty campaigns where administrators treated people very dismissively. Against the background of this negative experience, the Elrond project is the best of all. As for the prospects for the future, I will be one of those people who will keep ERD tokens in the wallet until the end, because the era of blockchain is ahead. Elrond is exactly the project that can change our lives for the better. There was a time when no one believed in the Internet, and today we can not imagine life without this miracle. Such a miracle in the future will be blockchain technology. We all need to be patient and wait a bit.

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